Type Thursday 28 – Tata & Friends Type gifs

These type gifs are just cool. The mechanical but smooth animations are fantastic and imply the numerals without being to explicit. Love!

10 9 8 6 5 4 3 2 1

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I began my 34th orbit around the sun, and tomorrow I start a new chapter with Hint Creative, so it’s really a double new year. Change is always filled with trepidation. As one cycle comes to a close, there’s the necessary reflection on what has been learned, progress made, and obstacles overcome married with the excitement of opportunities yet to come.

I’ve been tasked, as Digital Design Director (I know, it’s such a fancy title) to help manage all the interactive projects and teams as well as contribute to new business and the overall health of the work that comes out of Hint Creative.

Hopefully this blog will be updated more frequently than every six months, but who knows. (I like to keep things suspenseful—or at least that’s what I tell myself and others who actually read this.)

Swipe Saturday 28: Phillipe Jaroussky

I’ve never posted any audio, but this is just too amazing to ignore. Phillipe Jaroussky, a French counter-tenor, has reprised Nicola Porpora’s arias originally written for the castrato Farinelli. His new renditions are sublime.

Here’s an interview from NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ and a few of my favorite tracks from the album ‘Farinelii – Porpora Arias’.

Type Thursday 27: Thy Doan

This week’s feature is a lettering artist here in SLC, Thy Doan, whose work is wonderfully honest and charming. She just wrapped up this huge mural for The Wonderment. Take a gander at the time lapse vid. You won’t be disappointed.

She also sells hand lettered items here. Go get some some stuff.

Swipe Saturday 27: Nick Brandt

On the shores of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania, these spectral casings of what used to be were captured by photographer Nick Brandt. The high alkalinity of the water calcifies animals that submerge themselves.

Nick Brandt - Calcified Swallow
Calcified Swallow

Nick Brandt - Calcified Songbird and Dove
Calcified Songbird and Dove

Nick Brandt - Calcified Flamingo
Calcified Flamingo

Nick Brandt - Calcified Eagle
Calcified Eagle

Originally featured on newscientist.com