Type Thursday 28 – Tata & Friends Type gifs

These type gifs are just cool. The mechanical but smooth animations are fantastic and imply the numerals without being to explicit. Love!

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I began my 34th orbit around the sun, and tomorrow I start a new chapter with Hint Creative, so it’s really a double new year. Change is always filled with trepidation. As one cycle […]

Swipe Saturday 28: Phillipe Jaroussky

I’ve never posted any audio, but this is just too amazing to ignore. Phillipe Jaroussky, a French counter-tenor, has reprised Nicola Porpora’s arias originally written for the castrato Farinelli. His new renditions are sublime. Here’s […]

Swipe Saturday 25: Year of the Horse

Happy new lunar year! This year is the of the green wood horse based on the Chinese branch and stem system. A quick google search of green horse yielded mostly terrible illustrations. But the sculptor […]

Type Thursday 14: Holger Königsdörfer

When I was thinking of what to post this week, I realized that I hadn’t featured any of the work of Holger Königsdörfer—from whom many wonderful things have come. Without ever having met him it […]