Type Thursday 26: Jean-Charles Debroize

I never thought I’d see a literal type face. And these have me wriggling in my skin a little. But like a rubber-necker I just can’t stop looking at them. These pretties are the work of Jean-Charles Debroize who has some other pretty surreal work.

Jean-Charles Debroize kerozen-3 Jean-Charles Debroize kerozen-2 Jean-Charles Debroize kerozen-1

Swipe Saturday 26: Oh My God

Hey Studio has been a long-time favorite of mine. Last fall they had an exhibition at Kemistry Gallery in London called Oh My God featuring simple geometric illustrations of Greco-Roman deities. This is one of those times I wish I lived across the pond as seeing that show would have been awesome. But soon I’ll have a piece of the exhibit hanging in my office (Hades). There are several prints available at their shop.

hey-studio-oh-my-god-1 hey-studio-oh-my-god-4 hey-studio-oh-my-god-3

Type Thursday 25: Danthonia Designs

Donal at Danthonia Designs in Inverell, Australia got in touch and has some great instruction videos about sign-carving. It’s nice to see people making a living with this much attention to their craft. There’s a whole series of them on their YouTube Channel.

Swipe Saturday 25: Year of the Horse

Happy new lunar year! This year is the of the green wood horse based on the Chinese branch and stem system. A quick google search of green horse yielded mostly terrible illustrations. But the sculptor Nic Fiddian Green came up as well, and his stuff is epic, both in size and beauty.

Nick Fiddian Green - Copper HorseCopper Horse – 14 ft tall

Nick Fiddian Green - Horse at WaterHorse at Water – Connemara Marble, 7 in. tall

Nick Fiddian Green - ArtemisArtemis – Bronze, 30 ft. high

Type Thursday 24: Raul Alejandro

I don’t remember where I stumbled across Raul’s work, but I love the quirkiness of some of his lettering.