Swipe Saturdays

Swipe Saturday 27: Nick Brandt

On the shores of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania, these spectral casings of what used to be were captured by photographer Nick Brandt. The high alkalinity of the water calcifies animals that submerge themselves. Calcified […]

Swipe Saturday 26: Oh My God

Hey Studio has been a long-time favorite of mine. Last fall they had an exhibition at Kemistry Gallery in London called Oh My God featuring simple geometric illustrations of Greco-Roman deities. This is one of […]

Swipe Saturday 24: Web Resources

A few helpful resources for web design that I use fairly frequently.

Swipe Saturday 22: toggle remote

Consumers are getting smarter, and more picky. It’s about time that product design caught up. Here’s a simple and versatile solution for a device that’s in nearly every home in America. The toggle remote, by […]