Type Thursdays

Type Thursday 27: Thy Doan

This week’s feature is a lettering artist here in SLC, Thy Doan, whose work is wonderfully honest and charming. She just wrapped up this huge mural for The Wonderment. Take a gander at the time […]

Type Thursday 26: Jean-Charles Debroize

I never thought I’d see a literal type face. And these have me wriggling in my skin a little. But like a rubber-necker I just can’t stop looking at them. These pretties are the work […]

Type Thursday 25: Danthonia Designs

Donal at Danthonia Designs in Inverell, Australia got in touch and has some great instruction videos about sign-carving. It’s nice to see people making a living with this much attention to their craft. There’s a […]

Type Thursday 24: Raul Alejandro

I don’t remember where I stumbled across Raul’s work, but I love the quirkiness of some of his lettering.

Type Thursday 23: Animography

Motion design is an area of design I’ve always had a fascination with simply because it’s something magical to me. Translation: I have no idea how to do it and utterly respect those who do […]