Salad Technologies

Disrupting centralized computing with computesharing.


0 to 1.7M Nodes

Growing worldwide users in 188 countries

Salad connects latent compute power sitting idle in consumer homes with businesses who need more affordable access to GPU/CPU compute, storage, and bandwidth.


Salad Technologies





Brand Strategy

Identity Design

UX/UI & Product




Me - Brand Director

Keith - Copywriter/Editor

Dan - Motion & Animation

Nelson - Design

Naming & Brand Strategy

Universally Personal

Why Salad? Because it creates curiosity with a ubiquitous but memorable name.

Brand Recipe

The best types of solutions involve more than on brilliant individual. The concerted and combined effort of a group of brilliant people can change the world. Too much?

But really, we think the heart of problem-solving is collaboration: a principle that’s all about us. (You know what we mean)

Empathetic Humility

We believe that human interactions must originate from a place of careful attenuation. Empathetic humility is the first-stage ablution that fosters understanding between ourselves and everyone we address. Only by respecting our disparate identities and values can we accentuate everyone's contributions.

Forthright Trustworthiness

Great relationships are built on trust. Honesty is vital to establishing new contacts, and maintaining the trust that defines an enduring partnership. In a world of natural skepticism, we take transparency and forthrightness as our lodestars. We tell the truth in conversation with our users, partners, and peers—even when it's difficult.

Calibrated Collaboration

We recognize autonomy as the engine of ingenuity. That is why we never implement a rule without first asking how it may affect the game for others. Our team actively promotes a sense of rigorous self-discipline among our peers and community, yet encourages experimentation and flexibility. Some rules shouldn't be broken, but we've found that most are pretty bendy.

New Employee Onboarding Kit

Brand Identity

Voice, Visuals, Experiences

A brand is not a logo. It’s the collective perception cultivated by consistent expression what people hear, see, and feel.

Brand Standards

Veggie Illustrations

Product design Library

Systemization without Sterility

Buttons, and hovers, and errors. Oh my. The Design Library provides more than just UI components: file organization, accessibility standards, and engineering handoff processes.

UI Kit applied to Windows tray widget


Brand Design

Core Experiences

Download. Earn. Spend.

‘Welcome to Salad” Video

Install The Widget

Earn from your idle pc

Spend in the salad storefront

Community Building

Top ‘Chefs’

Seasons, Community Challenges, Giveaways, Affiliates, Streams

Season 1

Season 2




Affiliate Program

State of Salad Stream

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©2024. All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Reversed.

©2024. All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Reversed.