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3 Apps for Teal One

Flight, Shadow, & Ace

Teal, as the creator of the fastest FPV drone, wanted a more general consumer-friendly model. Enter the Teal One, a platform drone built to integrate with mobile apps targeted at flight, videography, and play.


Teal Drones



Consumer Packaged Goods


Brand Strategy
Identity Design
UX/UI & Product


Me - Design Director
Cal - Designer
MJ - Product Manager
Austin - Copywriter
Charlotte - Marketing Manager
Austin - UX Researcher
Zara - QA
Julie - Marketing Director
Bob - Head of Product

UX/UI & Product Design

Elevated Standards

Logo Refresh

App Icons

Brand Standards Guide

UX/UI & Product Design

5 Ways to Fly

Removing barriers to flight by using the familiar functions of phones.

Wireframes & Production Screens

Website Design

Play to Learn

Yaw, pitch, altitude, roll are generally unfamiliar terms but core knowledge for flight. Gamifying the learning curve makes grasping difficult concepts a breeze.

Consumer Website

Packaging Design

Personal Cinematographer

Utilizing the onboard AI/ML processor, Teal One is able to focus on you as the subject for surround footage with just one button or voice command.

Packaging for Teal One and Accessories

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©2024. All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Reversed.

©2024. All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Reversed.